Hello Witches, Pagans, and Seekers!

Welcome to Lavender Moon Teas & Tarot, where you can sip, spell, and explore magic with me. Brew a cup of tea, put your feet up, and make yourself at home. Explore below to learn more about my path and what I hope to share with you here. Love & Light!

The basis of herb magic—and all magic—is the power…The power is that which generated and maintains the universe. It is the power that germinates seeds, raises winds, and spins our planet. It is the energy behind birth, life, and death. Everything in the universe was created by it, contains a bit of it, and is answerable to it. In other words, the power is the life-force, the stuff of creation. It is the very substance of existence itself.

Scott Cunningham, Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs


The blog is where you can find posts of all different kinds. Some herbalism, some spiritual, and some just for fun, all meant to share and help you on your path.

Herbal Encyclopedia

An ever-growing quick reference guide to herbs, spices, and flowers that are used in magical workings. Some herbs are linked to a more detailed blog post.

Teas & Herbs

Browse my small-batch, hand-crafted herbal tea collection. These teas are artfully mixed not only for taste, but for the specific herbs’ magical properties.

Herbal Witchery Podcast

Herbal Witchery is a podcast dedicated to exploring the bountiful world of herbs and plants that are used by witches in spellwork, in rituals and celebrations. I share the history, folklore, and innate energies of magickal herbs.

Hi, I’m Lavender Moon! Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my witchy path.

Like most of us, I was interested in witchcraft at a young age, but of course I didn’t know that at the time. I have always loved nature. As a child, I spent hours in my backyard among the bushes and tress, picking berries and twigs and mixing them together into magical concoctions to feed the animals. I climbed trees and truly believed that one day I would be able to fly.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t live on an estate full of forests, blackberry bushes, and woodland creatures. My “magical” backyard was a tiny lot with a few trees and bushes behind an equally small house. The berries I picked were probably poisonous and I never did learn to fly. My world was, in all reality, perfectly mundane and ordinary. What made it magical was my ability to sense the actual magick that existed there, just outside of the normal bounds of perception. I felt the energies of those trees and bushes and squirrels and birds, and I felt the possibility of flight. This was my start as a witch.

As an adult, I have begun to truly embrace what being a witch means to me. I love the calming introspection that meditation brings, the power and mystery of performing a ritual or spell, the absolute joy and oneness of experiencing nature in all its seasons, and the magick of connecting with herbs, flowers, and trees by mixing them together and sensing their energies. I love learning about the different Gods and Goddesses, practicing divination, and doing tough shadow work. I love sensing the energies of others and holding crystals in my hands. I love allowing myself to be open and free. Being a witch means returning to the wild freedom of childhood, but as a more wise and worldly woman. And you know what? I see even more magick than I did as a child.

I look forward to sharing that sense of freedom and magick with you.

Love & Light,

Lavender Moon