Mabon Tarot Spread

While I was writing my Wheel of the Year series post on Mabon, I became inspired to create a tarot spread that focuses on one of the themes of Mabon. One of the magickal aspects of autumn is that during this time of year the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. During Mabon, we see this change happening and find ourselves in a liminal period when day and night are of equal length. Darkness and lightness are balanced this time of year, and this is one of the themes of Mabon.

The tarot spread I’m sharing with you today focuses on the theme of balance. Tarot is a great way to practice self-reflection and notice aspects of our lives that we might not be consciously aware of otherwise. This Mabon spread will help you look at what aspect of your life is not as balanced as it could be, what is influencing this imbalance, how to go about creating more balance in this area, and how this change can affect your life. I’m going to go through the spread with example cards if you’d like to try it yourself. Click the picture for a free PDF printable if you’d like to include it in your Book of Shadows (or tarot spread notebook).

How to Read the Spread

To read this spread, you’ll want to shuffle your cards or cut your deck. Then, you’ll lay out the cards face down in the positions you see above. I personally like to ask each question as I’m choosing the card for that position. Once all the cards are laid out, take a deep breath, ask for clarity and insight, and then turn over the cards in the order you laid them down.

Next thing I like to do is take a second to notice any overarching themes/images/suits. Are your cards all wands? Do you have several major arcana cards? Are the figures all looking directly at you? Do you have repeating numbers or colors? Just take notice of all of these things and and see how they play in later.

Now you’ll move on to the individual cards.

#1: This card will tell you what area of your life is out of balance.

#2: This card will speak to the influences or reasons that this area is causing an imbalance.

#3: This card will bring insights to the ways in which this imbalance is affecting your life.

#4: This card will suggest actions you can take to ‘fix’ this imbalance.

#5: This card will prepare you for any obstacles you might face as you try to bring more balance into your life.

#6: This card will show you how improving the balance in this area can change or improve your life.

I like to write notes as I go, then revisit my initial overview. I also like to either speak or write my insights into a cohesive ‘story’ because as I do this, more connections arise. It gives the reading a deeper meaning and helps it resonate with me. I often think about the cards for days after a reading when I take the time to write up a summary (or video/voice memo). Below I’ll go through a short sample reading.

Sample Mabon Tarot Reading

This sample reading is much shorter than what I’d do for myself or a client, but it can give you an idea of how to read the spread.

Notes: lots of female energy, images of balance/mixing, all four suits present, two 8 cards

#1 Five of Wands- The imbalance in this person’s life has to do with petty arguing. Maybe relationships with siblings (sisters), or even an inability to decide within the self. There is disagreement on a small scale, but the imbalance has the potential to cause more damage.

#2 The World – This card seems to be telling me that this issue is imbalanced because of too much free-spiritedness. Normally a positive card, this imagery indicates that one of the parties in this squabbling relationship doesn’t hold their end of the bargain up-maybe they are irresponsible, always doing their own thing, or ‘exploring the world’; whatever the iteration of this, it’s causing problems.

#3 Eight of Pentacles – The effect of this imbalance is a constant state of back and forth. There’s always some ‘balancing’ or ‘measuring’ going on – who’s turn is it, who did what, who said what, etc. It’s causing resentment and an imbalanced balancing act between the querent and the other person.

#4 The Sun – The querent can balance this aspect by doing a few things suggested by this card: seeing more positives in the other person or situation, looking on the bright side, coming together and forgiving each other, or seeking out support from other more supportive figures.

#5 Eight of Cups – The biggest challenge indicated by this card is that one of the people in this imbalanced relationship will end up walking away. This can mean they walk away and refuse to talk in a smaller sense, or that one of the two will walk away from the relationship for good.

#6 Ten of Swords – Although not pleasant to look at, this card can indicate a few things for the overall effect balancing this area will have on the querent’s life. In the short-term, this balancing may hurt – alot. It will feel as if they’ve been stabbed in the back and this may take some recovery, but in the long run, this will lead to a more balanced and stable feeling.

Summary: For this querent, it looks like what they believed may be a small imbalance is actually causing quite a bit of damage in their life. This is a good example of a tarot reading that says something important, but something that is NOT pleasant to hear. It looks as if these two people cannot work out their differences and balance their relationship, they may end up losing it. Tarot doesn’t predict the future, but warns us of possibilities – therefore, this querent may want to really look at how important this relationship is to them and try the positive actions to resolve the conflict. However, if walking away is necessary, the querent can remember that sometimes balancing means losing something, but in the long run they will feel less burdened and have more stability and balance in their life.

That’s my short sample reading. I hope it helped you in how to approach your own reading. Good luck!

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