Herbal Encyclopedia

A Reference Guide to Magickal Properties of Herbs, Flowers, Spices, and Plants

Note: This list is always being updated. I will include herbs, flowers, roots, and fruits as they all hold magickal properties. I have tried to list when an herb is toxic, but if you plan on ingesting any herbs, please do additional research. Additionally, take special care if you suffer from allergies (such as ragweed), are pregnant or nursing, or are taking any medications, as herbs may affect your negatively.

Agrimony: Sleep, protection

Allspice: Luck, healing, compassion, money

Almond: Prosperity, money, wisdom

Aloe: Luck, protection

Angelica: Healing, protection, exorcism, visions

Apple: Healing, love, garden magic, emotions

Apricot: Love, sweetness

Basil: Fortune-telling, inner strength, money, prosperity, love, exorcism, flying, protection

Barley: Healing, protection, love

Bay: Success, wisdom, prophetic insights, wishes, money, protection, purification, healing

Belladonna: POISONOUS, formerly used in astral projection and visions

Bergamont: Luck, curse-breaking, money

Black Pepper: Protection, warding off the negative, inner strength

Blackberry: Healing, protection, tied to Lughnasadh, money

Black Tea: Riches, courage, strength

Blueberry: Protection; also goes by bilberry

Borage: Psychic powers, courage

Buckthorn: Finances, wards off evil-eye

Cactus: Chastity, protection

Calendula: Prophetic dreams, legal matters, psychic powers, protection

Camphor: Health, divination, chastity, psychic arts, past lives, occult

Caraway: Meditation, calming, lust, health, mental powers, protection

Cardamom: Friendship, love, lust, persuasion

Carrot: Lust, fertitlity

Cashew: money

Catnip: Beauty, fun, animal magick, love, hapiness

Chamomile: Calmness, happiness, luck, money, meditation

Cherry: Divination, love

Cinnamon: Power, lust, love, prosperity, success, psychic powers, speed things up (power)

Citronella: Clarity, clearing obstacles, happiness

Chickweed: Love, fidelity

Chili: Lust passion, excitement, curse-breaking, protection

Cloves: Curse-breaking/removing, protection, love, money

Clover: Money, love, protection, fidelity, success, exorcism

Comfrey: Money, safe travels

Coriander: Health, healing, love

Corn: Divination, luck, protection

Cornflower: Fertility, love, sex, abundance, love, creativity, Psychic Awareness, Ritual, Third Eye Awakening, Self- Knowledge, Spirituality, Growth, Creativity

Cumin: Protection (physical and spiritual), preventing bad luck

Dandelion: Used for sun magick, courage, bravery, accepting change, divination, psychic abilities, prophetic dreaming, calling spirits.

Dill: Helping children, overcoming difficulties, lust, positivity

Echinacea: strengthen spells

Eucalyptus: Protection, lucid dreaming, healing

Eyebright: Psychic and mental powers, divination, truth, memory

Fennel Seed: Courage, inner strength

Fenugreek: money

Feverfew: protection (physical), inner strength, traveling

Flax: Money, protection, beauty, psychic powers

Foxglove: POINSONOUS; protection

Frankincense: Exorcism, protection, spirituality

Garlic: Banishing, inner strength, protection, curse-breaking

Ginger: Money, business success, love, power

Ginseng: Wishes, beauty, healing, lust, love, protection

Grape: Fertility, money, garden magick

Hazelnut: Divination, luck

Heather: Luck, protection

Hemlock: POISONOUS; Astral projection, warding off negative entities

Hibiscus: Love, lust, divination

Honeysuckle: Psychic powers, money, protection

Horehound: Mental powers, exorcism, healing, protection

Hyssop: Protection, purification

Jasmine: meditation, romantic love, dreams, fortune-telling

Lavender: Used for protection, love, purification, sleep, chastity, longevity, happiness, peace, divination, psychic ability.

Lemon: Friendship, anti-negativity, longevity, purification

Lemon Balm: Love, healing, de-stress, banish evil spirits, success

Lemon Verbena: Purification, love

Lemongrass: Psychic powers, lust

Licorice Root: Love, ancestors, spirits, fidelity

Mandrake: POISONOUS; Fertility, money, love, protection

Marjoram: Familial happiness, inner strength, moving on, grieving

Marshmallow Root: (also goes by Althea) Psychic Powers, protection

Mistletoe: Protection, dreaming, romantic love

Mugwort: Psychic powers, astral projection, healing, prophetic dreams

Mullein: Courage, health, love, divination, protection

Mustard Seed: Protection, purification

Myrrh: Healing, spirituality, protection, exorcism

Nettle: Healing, protection, curse-breaking, lust

Nutmeg: Money, luck, health, fidelity, fortune-telling

Orange: Luck, money, love, divination

Oregano: Health, happiness, astral projection

Peach: Love, fertility, wishes

Plantain: Healing, strength, protection

Parsley: Lust, purification, protection, fertility, truth, contacting the dead

Passionflower: Sleep, peace, friendship

Patchouli: Fertility, sexuality, virility, money, divination

Pennyroyal: Money, inner strength, protection (physical)

Peppermint: Calming bad situations, positivity, healing relationships

Pomegranate: Divination, luck, wishes, wealth, love, fertility

Poppy: Fertility, sleep, divination, love

Raspberry: love, protection

Red Clover: Prosperity, happiness, luck

Rose: Love, Psychic Powers, Healing, Love, Divination, Luck, Protection

Rose Hips: Health, wealth, prosperity, fertility, protection

Rosemary: Cleansing, purification, banish negativity and nightmares, protection, memory

Sage: protection, cleanings, wisdom, animal magic

Skullcap: Love, fidelity, peace

Star Anise: Curse-breaking, luck, consecration, happiness, purification, protection

Strawberry: love, luck

Sunflower: Wishes, fertility, health, wisdom

Tarragon: Confidence, dragon magick

Thistle: Fairy magick, courage, assertiveness

Thyme: Healing, business success, concentration

Walnut: Mental powers, fertility

Wheat: Money, prosperity, fertility, tied to Lughnasadha/Lammas

Wormwood: Protection, healing. Can be ingested, however it may easily be toxic as it is a “narcotic-analgesic” containing absinth.(1)

Valerian Root: Dream magick, sleep, peaceful relationships, friendship, protection

Vanilla Bean: Mental powers, love, lust

Violet: Luck love, wishes, protection

Vervain: psychic protection, healing, peace, magick to help children

Yarrow: Courage, love, psychic powers, exorcism

Yerba Mate: Love, lust, fidelity



Elder Flower

Elder Berry

Hawthorn: Fertility, lust, wishes, protection, fairy magic

White TEa

Green Tea


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(1) The Magical & Ritual Use of Herbs. Richard Alan Miller. Destiny Books. New York. 1983.

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