If they wad drink nettles in March, And eat muggins [Mugwort] in May, Sae mony braw young maidens Wad na’ be gang to clay.” Popular Rhymes of Scotland, Robert Chambers History of Mugwort An herb of the night, mugwort has a long mysterious and magickal history. An unassuming, weed-like plant, this herb has been usedContinue reading “Mugwort”


 A kindlier background for the whole,  Between the gloom and splendour.  Let others captivate the mass  With power and brilliant seeming:  The lily and the rose I pass,  The yarrow holds me dreaming. Sorrow by Archibal lampman, canadian poet History of Yarrow Perhaps one of the oldest herbs on the planet, yarrow is a plantContinue reading “Yarrow”


If you pronounce it Chamomile That will your Yankiness reveal For Brits assume it more worthwhile To render it as Chamomile So wear a wreath of Chamomile To make your beauty sweeter still, Then pour some tea with Chamomile To have your lunch in British style Chamomile and Chamomile, Artyom Timeyev History of Chamomile HoweverContinue reading “Chamomile”