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How Tarot Works

Tarot cards originated in the mid 15th century as an Italian card game known as Tarocchi. Although not initially used for divination, the cards used universal symbols and imagery to appeal to the players, and their archetypal characters and narrative of the human journey were often inspiration for stories and creative games in the Italian court.

By 1750, the occult had become popular with the European nobility. It is here that we have the first definitive records of the tarot being used for divination purposes. Ever since, tarot cards have become synonymous with the occult and divination in much of the western world.

Some believe the cards can tell the future, but most believe that while the cards themselves aren’t “magical” they work because they speak to us on a subconscious level about our problems and worries. For those of us who believe in synchronicity, there is meaning in the cards we choose or that choose us, and we are wise to look at the message being sent by the universe to help us reflect on our current situations. This is how I use the tarot.

Is Tarot Right for You?

Let’s be real…all of us want to know the future. Does he/she love me? Will my job interview go well? Is my mom going to recover from cancer? Although tarot can give us insight into a situation, it is not really useful for predicting the future. The reason for this is because our lives are made up of many different actions every day; change an action and you change what the outcome would have been. The tarot works by showing us possible paths, behaviors, and patterns, and by brining up aspects of a situation or person that we might otherwise ignore. It works by using the reader and their intuition, to help the person being read for make a wiser choice, become attune to harmful patterns or behaviors, and introduce courses of action they may consider.

You may benefit from a tarot reading if you:

  1. Are ready to get the tough, but truthful answer
  2. Are up for self-reflection
  3. Are ready to do the work that comes with self-reflection
  4. Are open to different perspectives or possibilities than the one you had in mind

You should probably steer clear of tarot if you:

  1. Already have a fixed answer in your head/heart
  2. Only want a reinforcement of the answer you want
  3. Do not want to do any self-reflection
  4. Don’t want the truth about a situation

Tarot can be helpful and entertaining. If you think you’re ready, check out the reading options below. And as always, if you have any questions prior to booking, reach out to me at lavendermoonteas@gmail.com!

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Ethics & Disclaimer:

Please note that by booking a reading you agree that you have read and understood the following information. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me before booking your reading.

– You must be 18 years of age or older to book a reading.

– All clients with good intent are welcome, regardless of race, sex, gender identity, religion, background, lifestyle or anything else.

– I do not choose lottery numbers, diagnose medical conditions (or pregnancy), etc. I can tell you the energy I feel from the card, but this does not assert that this possibility is the future. As stated earlier, the future may change, and you are in complete control. I can help you come up with a question that may help you, but not predict the future.

– Refunds are only possible before the reading has been delivered.  Please know that if you have any questions or concerns about me or my reading style or even about the best approach for your particular question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time.

– I am not a certified counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist of any kind. My readings are not be used as a substitute for any professional help and/or advice in any matter of health, financial, emotional, emergency, physical, mental, legal and any other matter, situations, actions, circumstance, material, and/or non-material considerations. I decline to be responsible for anything that one might do before, during, or after receiving these readings or viewing this content and I do not assume any legal liability for damages, losses, or other consequences for any one’s decisions or actions following or based on readings/content. By participating in readings/video/or other materials, you agree to waive any claims against me and to accept these terms, assuming full responsibility for your own actions, decisions, and conduct.

– I am required to say that Tarot /Oracle readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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